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Animations Return to Top

For a Few Poses More by LostRider
New Vegas Re-Animated by Alendor


Armor/Clothing Return to Top

BlackWolf Backpacks by vf501
Invisible Armored Vests by LFox
Type 3 Armor Replacer by exeter
TGs Armor Collection by TG
Vegas Chokers by adriant1978


Companions Return to Top

1st EDEcon by TheTalkieToaster
All Companions Essential by Platply
Companion Sandbox Mode by Povuholo
No Companion Limit by Durinthiam


Cosmetic Return to Top

BEWARE OF GIRL Type 3 High Quality Skin Replacer by Blackblossom
Project Beauty HD (Textures only) by Dracomies and SpaceOden


Gameplay Return to Top

Faster Running by Say
Freeplay After Main Quest by Goacbc
Perk Every Level by Phoenixfang 55
Rebirth by PR0 6AM3R
Some Things Cannot Be Eaten by Cliffworms


Graphics/UI Return to Top

Better Binoculars by Kobu
Centered 3rd Person Camera by Jahandar
Depth of Field by fLokii
Inventory Sorters by pintocat
MTUI by Max Tael
T3T Misc. Item Icons by The 3rd Type


Locations Return to Top

Goodsprings Shack by Cydonian Knight


Merchants Return to Top

Caravan Card Ammo Sorter by God of Duff Duff
Variable Merchant Restock by Mirek Suk


Pip-Boy Return to Top

Brighter Pip-Boy Light by DeathJester11
PipBoy Readius by AlexScorpion and Brianide
PipBoy Readius Vegas Veteran by iLily


Quests Return to Top

Wasteland Explorer by BigMill


Weapons Return to Top

Displode Changes by Paystei
Moddable Unique Weapons by Alexander S
No Auto Aim by EddieV223
Realistic Headshots by Tehoneandonly


Weather Return to Top

Nevada Skies by Yossarian


Miscellaneous Return to Top

Better Game Performance by Falloutperson416


Fixes Return to Top

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Last updated 11/19/10.