Welcome! You've stumbled upon 7hir7een's home for Fallout New Vegas related stuff. The site is called Delusions of a New World.


The main focus of the site is on the game modification and utilities available for the PC version of the game. Under the game modifications section, I have provided pictures of and links to some of the mods that I would most highly recommend to players. The mods and utilites features are files that I have personally used at one point (and in many cases still use) and find to be worth endorsing.


Just a note for those gung-ho copyright types, no files are hosted here. All links point to a third-party page (almost always the New Vegas Nexus) from which to download the files. Please be sure to check that link periodically to see if the mod author has updated his/her work.


Please pardon our dust. Due to the nature of this site, it is perpertually under construction.

Update Log


Site developed. Game modification list posted, containing the following mods:

  • For a Few Poses More
  • New Vegas Re-Animated
  • BlackWolf Backpacks
  • Invisible Armored Vests
  • Type 3 Armor Replacer
  • TGs Armor Collection
  • Vegas Chokers
  • 1st EDEcon
  • All Companions Essential
  • Companion Sandbox Mode
  • No Companion Limit
  • BEWARE OF GIRL Type 3 High Quality Skin Replacer
  • Project Beauty HD (textures only)
  • Faster Running
  • Freeplay After Main Quest
  • Perk Every Level
  • Rebirth
  • Some Things Cannot Be Eatern
  • Better Binoculars
  • Centered 3rd Person Camera
  • Depth of Field
  • Inventory Sorters
  • MTUI
  • T3T Misc Item Icons
  • Goodsprings Shack
  • Caravan Card Ammo Sorter
  • Variable Merchant Restock
  • Brighter Pip-Boy Light
  • PipBoy Readius
  • PipBoy Readius Vegas Veteran
  • Wasteland Explorer
  • Displode Changes
  • Moddable Unique Weapons
  • No Auto Aim
  • Realistic Headshots
  • Nevada Skies
  • Better Game Performance

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